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Our ISO 14001 Environmental Policy

Since 1995, Idemitsu Lube Singapore has committed herself in protecting the environment by employing environmentally friendly resources to manufacture high quality products after being awarded the ODS-Free Certification by Productivity Standard Board of Singapore.

In order for us to strengthen our committment in preventing pollution, minimizing and conserving the precious resources of the earth, we then set forth our vision in achieving our goals and objectives. On 28th January 2002, Idemitsu Lube Singapore after being inspected by SGS International Certification Services, obtained its ISO 14001, which set forth international standards for environmental monitoring.

As a manufacturer of lubricants and additives, we are committed to protect the environment by implementing the following principles:

  • Committment
    Our committment to prevent pollution through environement controls, minimization of wastes, and efficient use of energy and resources.

  • Compliance
    To comply with local legislation and other requirements.

  • Continual Improvement
    Consistently and proactively review and improve our environmental management system (EMS) as an ongoing basis.

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