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About Us - ILS Mission Statement & Policies
ILS Mission Statement

Our mission is to support our customers’ production efficiency by constantly improving our technology in lubricants'. Always ready and on hand, we offer personalised services into finding efficient Solution for our customers.

We are aware and concerned for our Ecology and we provide support for sustainable and environmentally-friendly products. In our product development, we keep in mind three themes: “energy conservation”, “long-life conversion” and “harmful material reduction” to counter issues such as global warming and harmful waste.

We are also proud to be one of the most prominent lube companies in Japan, with strong support from our loyal customers. Continually keeping our customers in top priority, the Idemitsu Group aims to be the trustworthy Lube Partner choice of our customers worldwide.


ILS is well-supported by its parent company , one of the leading lube manufacturers and suppliers in Japan – supplying to 25% of the country’s lube market and original factory-filled engine oil lubricants to over 40% of Japan’s car manufacturers and dominating over 80% of the Japan automotive aircon compressor oil market.

On the forefront of innovation and with a strong R & D team, the company has invested years of research into product enhancement for its customers and the environment. Some of its innovations include the development of the energy-efficient Daphne Hermetic PAG series for automotive air conditioners, polyvinylether (PVE) which has been adopted by OEMs worldwide for commercial production and the award-winning Traction Drive Fluid (TDF) for CVTs (continuously variable transmission ) in vehicles


ILS is proud to be awarded ISO 9001 certification, a testimony of our company’s commitment in continually improving product quality, providing value-added goods and services, on-time delivery and superior customer service.


At Idemitsu, we believe in being responsible to our environment and we are committed to taking care of it. Our accreditation of the ISO 14001 certification in 2002 attests to this.

The Idemitsu “Lube Partner” programme supports the environmental improvement activity of the customer from various angles with heavy emphasis on quality issues and developing environmentally friendly products. Spearheaded by our Research & Development arm in Japan, we are focused on three areas, namely, energy conservation, long-life conversion and harmful matter reduction.

By embracing an effective environmental management system, we seek to strike a healthy balance between environmental protection, conservation and product development that will be mutually beneficial to our customers, suppliers and associates.

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